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Credits - Brushes, Textures, Pictures:

I use Paint Shop Pro 10th Anniversary Edition, Animation Shop 3, and Paint Shop Pro Photo X2 to make all of my icons and graphics. Of course, I wouldn't be able to make them look so pretty without the help of these lovely designers:

Brushes, Templates, Textures:

On Livejournal:

[ profile] 100x100_brushes
[ profile] icons_with_love
[ profile] disappearicons
[ profile] holiday_romance
[ profile] rxyangl
[ profile] katrin_folly
[ profile] waxing_iconic
[ profile] awmp
[ profile] _diversion
[ profile] meleada
[ profile] zoologique
[ profile] liminalstate
[ profile] zekkai
[ profile] teh_indy
[ profile] 77words
[ profile] arisubox
[ profile] latexandleather
[ profile] scrapbookart
[ profile] framedinblood
[ profile] floorshow
[ profile] ant0nini
[ profile] antagia
[ profile] mata090680
[ profile] walkwiththedead
[ profile] flyme_sohigh
[ profile] pinacotheque
[ profile] hymnah




A small amount of the photos I use are my own scans or screencaps, or are otherwise credited to these people/websites:

[ profile] blondewashed

Layout (past, current or future use):

[ profile] kunzite1
[ profile] damnicons
[ profile] _excentric_
[ profile] ignited_heart *current
[ profile] refutare


[ profile] icon_tutorial

If I've forgotten to credit you, please comment below and I will! I may have done so in older journal names as well. Thank you! ♥